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My Reflection (Short Story)

by Stephanie Ung, Grade 7, NSW

‘Ugh, first day of high school and I’m not even prepared’, I thought sourly. I was usually very untidy even when it came to important days like my first day of high school. I wasn’t even excited about it. I hardly had any friends at school. All the students were too posh and snobby for me. I lazily and with zombie-like movements, got up from my messy bed and strolled like a lost puppy across the corridor into the bathroom. I turned on the light and stared into my reflection. I was a total mess- I looked like I had just come back from the dead. My eyes had heavy dark shadows and my ugly orange carroty hair resembled the tangled appearance of Chinese noodles. My pale lips were puffy and hideous. I opened my mouth to mutter a swear word when my reflection in the mirror winked. I almost screamed and dropped my toothbrush. I stared hard and obliviously, my arm reached towards the surface of the mirror. It strangely and shockingly went straight through the mirror. That was when my reflection reached towards my own hand and mouthed the words ‘help me please’. I felt a firm grasp on my hand and I instantly withdrew my hand, pulling my reflection with me. I was never so scared in my entire life.
I stared, limbs as frigid as ice, as I watched the other me writhing like a worm on the bathroom tiles. She slowly got up and stared at me.
‘Who the heck are you?’ I asked the other me curiously.
‘I’m Stephanie- your reflection. I’ve been living in your mirror ever since you were born. My only chance of escape is when it is the first day you start high school,’ She explained, How odd, my name was Stephanie too.
‘Every one millionth person has a reflection that is made to assist a person in their life, so what would you like me to do, Stephanie?’ Stephanie asked, her voice sounded exactly like mine. But this was absolutely awesome. I was extremely lucky to have been granted this reflection.
‘Well, you can start by replacing me for high school day’ I spat out carelessly and I walked back to my bedroom, heart beating with excitement. I plopped like a princess, on my dirty bedspread, and fell asleep like an angel.
In the afternoon, I woke up and saw my reflection with her face contorted into some sort of envy. But when she saw me she immediately smiled.
‘Hi, I just wanted to say that your high school went totally well. I made many friends and I got top marks for each subject. I had hoped you don’t mind’ she mused thoughtfully. She saw my face and her smile turned creepy as she took out a miniature mirror and its surface touched my face.
I screamed as I fell inside the mirror. I stared at Stephanie through the mirroring perspective. She smiled.
I banged and screamed.

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