Lamby's Life

By Bridgette Gabb
I was sitting in a Toy Shop on the shelf in the cold waiting for someone to buy me. I had been sitting there for at least three weeks before some nice lady came and bought me and took me to the hospital, at first I was thinking that the lady didn’t like the way I looked so she was taking me to get fixed. But then she took me into a BIG strange room with lots of other people crowded around one bed and looking at a little baby girl… Bridgette Anne Gabb. Then the nice lady (that turned out to be her Nanna) handed me to Bridgette. Oops how rude of me I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Lamby and I’m Bridgette’s first and favourite teddy. I’ve been everywhere with Bridgette, like: Canada, Paris, the river, camping, mum’s/dad’s, in the hospital and Maitland. If Bridgette left me at home, when she went away, she would cry and throw a big tantrum (and trust me it’s not pretty). My favourite place in the house is on the bed or on the floor in the morning. While Bridgette is at school I chat and hang out with all her other teddies and sometimes some of her brothers teddies.
I have light brown and white fur. 11 years ago my fur was nice and soft but now it’s old and flat. The funniest story I have to tell you is when I went with Bridgette to her friend Madi’s house and Jodie put me in Bridgette’s pillowcase but Bridgette didn’t know I was there, so Kim rang mum to see if I was there and while Kim was talking to Jodie Bridgette FINALLY found me. We all had a really big laugh! That was a really funny time!
I enjoy being Bridgette’s favourite teddy because she keeps me well looked after and safe from her two older brothers, Oliver and Sebastian, because they always throw me around, AND I DON’T LIKE THAT AT ALL!!!

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