A Adventures Of Powers

No body knows when, but one day two boys named Charlie and Nic were walking in the forest, they stopped they heard a sound. The ground was shaking but then it stopped, so they continued waking, they stopped at a duck pond And they feed the ducks some bead.

Nic reached out to the duck to pat it, but then the water bubbled and Nic pushed back and then a vine shote out of the water Nic yelled out loud help me the vine raped around his foot and Charlie quickly grabbed Nic by the shoe charlie puled with all his mite but the shoe fell off.

Nic went under water Nic was gasping for air, but then Nic looked up. He saw an old man but he looked a bit odd because he was sounded by vines and he had this diamond shaped thing in his hand and it was glowing green and he “said have this it will give you vine powers, you can jump super high, and you can shote poison ives out of your hands now go, some thing might happen to your friend charlie, he will sone get powers but right now go protect him or things could get dangerous go and help him” so nic did what the man had said he shot strght through the top of the ceiling Nic went up through the water charlie got a huge fright, he ran like there were a pack of tigers casing him charlie looked back nic was flying after him charlie turned around and he saw a monkey he had his hands pointing at his hands so charlie put up his hands, and the monkey pulled charlie up into the tree.

The monkey was pulling his hand so charlie fooled him he took him the a big clearance but the was a giant gorilla named King Kong he was there leader the monkey was saying some thing and then King Kong picked charlie up off the ground and he stared hard into Charlie’s eyes and charlie stared into his, then he put him down and he called all of the monkeys living there and they started making a hammock so he could sleep there but there was a monkey that did not like him for some reason. It was starting to get dark all the monkeys went to sleep exempt four that one monkey, he just wanted to get ride of him so that night he went out of his way to find some thing that would get him so scared he would leave this place so he got so angry that he scratch charlie and then he jumped in to the trees and dispersed but hair feel of that monkey and landed on the scratch and gave him strength of the monkeys. in the morning Charlie woke up felling a bit odd so he went to King Kong before charlie could speck King Kong said you look different you look like one of us charlie looked down he was all hairy up his legs and up his arms and he had a tail not any sort of a tail it was a dragon tail and he had black wings then charlie looked at King Kong he saw a big tail he had a tail like him now charlie was understanding what was going on he was turning into one of them, then charlie touched the ground it was shaking but it seemed closer than before four vines shote out and broke one of the monkeys houses, charlie jumped right into a tree that is on top of the vines.

But the there was a person that the vines lifted up out of the hole it was Nic he had powers to, charlie dropped out of the tree right in front of nic charlie was so relieved, that he was ok nic said that we have to go and destroy the M.R.D. before charlie and Nic was then Nic said sorry about your house.

The ground was braking apart and a tank was coming towards the clearance charlie said to Nic take the King Kong and the others to a safe place and I will deal with the M.R.D. charlie ran striate towards the M.R.D. and then he stopped within 2/3 meters from them then he lit his hand now charlie lit his hand he did a flowing thing with his hand, and then a big wave of fire came down from the sky and burnt all of the M.R.D. squad.Then charlie and jumped into the air and flew all the way to the hiding spot nic pulled charlie’s tail and quickly covered charlie’s mouth with a vine because the M.R.D. sent out a another squad to find charlie nic said he would rap up some of them with weds so they they can move to a safer place were they can not fined were they are. King kong said that he’ll not scar the M.R.D. team away from here nic and charlie said that they will take them to a safer back to there home, “King Kong said that we are a tribe that we are powerful together, but on our own we are nothing”,then will help you get them, Nic said “I will not rest or sleep till those M.R.D. people are ready to live hows in I am charlie said I am willing to risk my life for the monkeys and King Kong.

“King kong are you in” one of the little monkeys said, “King Kong if you are willing to fight little one then I will to” “alright lets go charlie you go find them and led them to me and I will rap them up then King Kong make them wish them never come back he agin” so that is what they did and surely they never came back.

The end