A Big Bang

Once upon a time there was a boy and he had a big and a small sister, dad and mum. The boy went to school and he was bored of school but when he had recess and lunch he had a lot of fun. When it was home time his big sister picked him up from school and he went home, he was a very good boy. One day the boy was sick, he was very sick so he had to be away from school for two days, so they took him to the doctor but the doctor was on a holiday. After one week the boy was better so it was night time the boy brushed his teeth and got ready to sleep. The following morning he got up and got ready by himself and went to school early but very happily because on that day there was an excursion programme. All his friends and teachers started their trip happily. On their way to the Blue Mountain trip there was a big bang noise and the bus suddenly stopped with an unusual noise. Everyone in the bus started crying and panicking. It was an accident in a fraction of a section. Nobody knew what really was happened. Some of them in the bus shocked and could not speak. Few minutes later there were Police cars, Ambulances, Fire-brigades and siren noises all over the place. It was a day the boy could not forget ever after. The big bang still makes him scared.
The End.


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