I Miss Her

Finalist in the 'Legendary 2012' competition

As I step out onto my balcony I look over the most gorgeous beach in the world, I just can’t believe my eyes. I have finally made it; I made it to the last place my mother visited before she passed away. Now I realize why my mother loved this place.
It was extremely peaceful; all I could hear was the sound of the small waves crashing upon the sand and birds cheeping away. I kind of feel like my mothers sprit is here with me, looking over the crystal clear water that seems to never end. My eyes suddenly get teary as I remember all the memorable moments and experiences we had together. When I was lonely at night and just couldn’t fall asleep she would come and lay with me and sing our favourite bedtime song, we would eventually fall asleep in each other's arms.
I decide to go for a quick swim to try and clear my mind. I walk across the hot sand that sprinkles between my toes, as I take my first steps into the chilly water, I notice that there are small colourful fish swimming around my feet.
I dive under, the stinging of the salt burns, but I just ignore it because I am mesmerised by the bright coral and strange fish. I resurface the water and think to myself what a great life I have. But then I realize that my life will never be complete without my mother.
I swim around for another ten minutes, until my body is reheated. It amazes me how there is a totally different world under the ocean, it’s almost alien like. It seems to be so much easier than real life with all the drama. I just wish I could stay under forever and escape reality.
I slowly retrieve from the refreshing water, I lay down on the hot sand to warm up my body, I am freezing, without her warmth besides me. I fall asleep thinking of my mum and the very last time we spent together at this beach. It wasn’t only her presence with me but her hugs, keeping me secure forever. I guess security can only last so long.
So as I watch the brightly lit horizon descend into the depths of the sea, I know that I love my mum and without her my heart isn’t complete. But as days go by without her, I know she will be in my heart forever and always. To remind me of such love I visit this place and just sit and listen to her whispers in the wind.



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