Magic Disappearances

It was a bright early morning as Mrs Makenzie walked into Alice’s room “It’s time to get up honey,” said Mrs Makenzie but Alice just moaned as she put her pillow on her head “okay, fine but if you’re late that’s your fault” she said as she left the room.

Alice slowly got up and looked out her window “WHAT WAS THAT!!!” Alice shouted as she ran out of her room into the kitchen where her mum was cooking breakfast. The smell was so nice she wanted to smear it in her face but she had to get ready. “MUM!! YOU HAVE TO COME LOOK!!!” “What now?” she cried.

Mrs Makenzie walked into Alice’s room “I can’t see anything just get ready for school.” Alice walked to her mirror, her shiny black hair was all over the place she had blue eyes with bags under them. She pulled her wardrobe open and grabbed her uniform it was green and purple. As she got dressed she knew she saw her dear friend Amelia disappear if only her mum saw.

Alice walked out the door with her backpack on one shoulder and walked to school. All she could think about was where Amelia had gone. When she got to school right in front of her eyes was Amelia. All different things were going through Alice’s mind, how could Amelia be at school?

She walked up to Amelia and greeted her “Hi Lia” (Amelia’s nickname). “Hey Alison” said Amelia in an evil voice. Alice looked confused “I mean, Hi Alice” Amelia said quickly but Alice already was thinking why Lia would call her by her real name, which she never did.

Later on she saw a strange man he was wearing a bathrobe and he had a very long beard. “Shouldn’t you be in class?” He said in a deep voice” “YYYYYes” she said as she scattered to her class. When she got to class she sat down on the seat next to the door. She was thinking of who that man was. While she was daydreaming she could hear her teacher speaking “Alison!!” said Mr James “Yes” Alice said. “Meet the new teacher Mr Walter” Alice saw Lia wink at Mr Walter and he winked back.

On Alice’s way home she stopped by the library and looked in the fantasy section. She found a book with the title Magic Disappearances. She picked it up and flipped it open dust spread the area as she read ‘disappearances mean evil.’ Alice quickly shut the book and ran straight to Lia’s house. “I saw you wink at Mr Walter and disappear in front of my window, I know you’re evil” Alice said “Fine, I am evil and Mr Walter is too” Lia exclaimed as she raised her wand. Alice snatched it and snapped it. Lia fell to the ground “NOOO!” she cried.

On her way home Alice saw Mr Walter, she snuck up on him snatched his wand and snapped it. It was like déjà vu, Mr Walter fell to the ground. Alice quickly ran home, jumped on her bed and said jokingly “Goodbye evil Amelia and Mr Walter or should I say Professor Walter and his evil sidekick Mwohahahaha”