Kat & Abegail Going To The Movies!!!!!

One dark and scary night Kat and Abegail went to the movies. They went to watch a scary movie but also funny so they went and got popcorn also one drink each.

Then they went to find their seats which were at the very back. They sat down and they looked around but they were the only people there. Some people at their school were saying how scary it was. They were up for the challenge and anyway it was also funny. They got scared. They wanted to go but then they heard the door’s close it was a loud noise. They got up and saw a note.

It said beware the movie is about to start. The girls were getting worried they tried to open up the door but it was locked. The movie started and the girls ran back up to where they were sitting at the start of the movie. A lollypop man appeared on the screen they thought he would be nice but he was evil.

In little kids movies he was very nice but in big kid’s movie’s he is evil. They were halfway through the movie when a mean person came on. The girls were really scared now. They wanted to go home or hop out. Then they were at the end of the movie but the door was still locked it was over. Then Abegail said “We still have another movie to watch.”
Kat replied “Do we have to watch the other movie?”
Abegail said “It’s not an evil movie, it’s a happy movie.”
Kat said “Good but it was the same kind of movie are you sure it’s a good movie?”
Abegail replied “I’m sure oh, sorry it is another scary movie!” Kat was scared.

Then there was a noise it was the door opening the girls were scared but also excited that someone was there with them it was a lady who works late in the theatre. Her name was Mary, it said it on her badge. Kat said “I’ve heard that name before... Abegail it’s your Mum!” The two girls were excited to see her Mum but then Mary said “I’m just here to watch the movie.” Abegail and Kat looked at each other “That’s not my Mum” Abegail whispered to Kat. Mary was halfway sucked into the screen Abegail grabbed her arm but Mary yelled “LET GO OF ME!”

Abegail was sad now that the poor lady was sucked into the screen “At least it wasn’t my Mum” said Abegail. Then another person came through the door’s “Abegail, Kat is that you?” Said the lady.
Kat said “Is that you’re Mum?”
“I don’t care” said Abegail. “ABEGAIL” Kat shouted “It is your Mum” Abegail turn around she ran over to her Mum crying with excitement.
“Can we go home?” said Abegail. BANG! “I don’t think so” yelled Mary (Abegail’s Mum) “The door’s are locked!”?

By Monique


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