Vampiers And Elmo

Once a long time ago there were six vampires Lizzy, Kelly, Rose, Jack, Col, and Devil.

Once at school the vampires saw a new kid sitting at Jack’s desk. All the vampires got mad and bit him and they could not stop. The new kid went to hospital and because the vampires could not control themselves they moved school.
They met a kid called Elmo. One day Lizzy read his mind and saw that he took drugs so they called him Elmo-on-drugs. One day when Lizzy and Elmo were eating lunch Kelly told Lizzy that Elmo-on-drugs had a crush on her but at the same time he also had a crush on Kelly and Rose! They all were shocked.

Chapter 2 the Big Reveal
One day Lizzy saw that Elmo’s real name was Darcey Carl and that he was a werewolf. The next day Lizzy dumped Darcey, but unfortunately Kelly and Rose also dumped Darcey and just as he thought his life was over he saw the cutest girl he had ever seen in his life and her was name Lillie Angel. Lillie is unfortunately three years younger but he did not care as long as he had a girlfriend he would stay alive.

Chapter 3 Bad News
One day Darcey had to break some sad news. He had to move to a private school and he could only take one friend with him so he asked Lillie if she wanted to go she said “I’ll have to ask the orphanage if I can.”
“Wait, you’re an orphan? I’m so sorry. You can come live with me and we can do anything we want to. It is awesome.
“Cool, let’s go.”

Chapter 4 the New School
The first day was the worst first day in their whole lives. They didn’t make any friends and everyone was really mean. They felt so lonely but lucky because they had each other to keep each other company.

Chapter 5 the Broken Spine
One day Lillie got into a massive fight and ended up in the hospital with brain damage and a broken spine. The Doctor said she might never be able walk again. Darcey broke out in tears and ran away for three days and never went to school again. He missed out on three years of school.

Chapter 6 Three years later
Darcey retired home in joy to see that Lillie was walking again. In delight Jacob got down on to one knee and proposed to the girl of his dreams and with a scream of excitement Lillie and Darcey were engaged, with that the happy couple got married within seven months they were married. Living the best life with their three girls nothing else could change that.
The End


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