Sarah was the fairest royal princess in the land
and every prince for miles longed to win her hand
but though she was a picture the loveliest you’ve seen
Sarah had another side and she could be really mean

She wouldn’t even let her friend touch her thing you see
“Hands of my pretty toys”! she ‘shouted
they all belong to me
leave my pretty jewels alone and please leave my don’t touch my dress
you’ll only get it dirty and make a horrid mess

Her friend quickly grew fed up
Just keep you silly stuff.
we don’t want to play with you
this time we really had enough.

How dare you speak to me like that she cried in surprise
she ran into the wood to sulk tears filling in her eyes
than Sarah heard a gentle voice there is no need to cry
Every problem can be solved said Sir McEye

Though your eye shine like stars

And though you may be fair

A kind heart mean so much more so why not try to share.

Sarah listened to his word. “How was your are” she said.
“I don’t need so much things, so I’ll share them out instead.
Though I like pretty toys and clothes that make me fairer.
I rather share them out with my friends and be plain old Sarah.



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