I didn't lose you,
you were taken from me.
Your eyes still glimmer,
but only in my memory.

I don't know who to pin it on,
the car, the driver or maybe me.
But I can't regret the decisions I've made,
If I did I would never have found you.

I still remember those endless nights,
The tears, the tissues, the pain.
The fright of knowing that you're never coming back,
The realisation of your absence.

Finding out over the phone,
Smashing plates and ripping clothes.
Trying to find some reassurance,
that my BFF had not left me alone.

Coming back to that house, it hit me again,
I saw a ghost that looked like him.
Prancing happily around the lawn,
The pain, the heartache and the mourning,
was now gone.


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