Hannah Mc Intosh

Hi, I’m Hannah Mc Intosh. I’m a brunette with brown eyes. My 12th birthday is next Wednesday and I’m allowed a party, and I’m allowed to invite 22 people. But the problem is, I don’t have any friends. But when I do make friends, they start to ignore me. I’ve only got a week to invite 25 people!

“Finally, Morning.” I said as mum walked in.
“Hannah, how many people have you invited to your birthday party?”
“Loads.” I said trembling. Mum could tell I was lying.
“ Well, here are the invitations. You can fill them out, is that alright?”
“ Sure that’s fine. Better start getting ready for school.”
“Alright, I got to go to work so I’ll see you at 10:00.”
Oh great, Mums got the invitations already. Hold on, Taylor, my best friend. She’s been on holidays at Hawaii for the last 2 fortnights but she’s back today, yes. She’s got heaps of friends. She can introduce me. Things might actually work out.
“HANNAH!” Said the familiar girl running towards me.
“Hannah, don’t you remember, it’s me, Taylor.
“OH MY GOSH!”I said, though she didn’t realise I was pretending not to notice her.
“ It’s my birthday party next week, can you come?” I said
“Sure, umm wh-who else are you going to invite? She said, trembling.
“ Umm I was going to ask you to introduce me to your friends.”
“ S- Sure.” She said suspiciously

That day actually went smoothly. I’ve already got 15 people. Hang on, Mum’s home.
“ mum what are you doing he-.” She cut me off.
“ I got the day off. Anyway, what are the names of the people you’re going to invite?”
She said waiting for an answer. I gave them to her. For the next couple of days, everyone (including Taylor) was ignoring me. What did I do? I’ll call Taylor in the morning.
“Hannah, get up, it’s nine in the morning, get dressed.” Said Mum walking out dressed up nicely.
“ SURPRISE.” Yelled all of my friends, old and new (including Taylor).
“ oh my gosh.” I said really shocked.” But I thought you guys were ignoring me.
“ We were pretending to so your couldn’t hear us talking about it.” Said Taylor.
“Well it worked.” I said happily.
The party was awesome. Mum even took us to see a movie. The whole day was awesome. I will never forget it.

By Jessica Di Pietrantonio


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