Laura’s Birthday

On Saturday February the 9th, it was Laura’s birthday. She was turning nine years old. She was celebrating her birthday in Queensland. It was a five-hour flight.
“Laura!” yelled mum. “We are going to be late for our flight!” They were flying on QANTAS. Laura had butterflies in her tummy.
“Mum?” asked Laura. “What if something stops on the aeroplane?”
“Don’t be silly Laura. Your Dad and I are going to be there.”
Finally they arrived at the airport. Laura was sitting at the back with her mum and dad. One hour later there was a big thump. Everyone fell forward. Two engines had stopped. The pilots were trying their hardest to do everything, but nothing worked! The pilot yelled on the walky talky, “Everyone put your seats and masks on!” About 500 masks fell from the top of the aeroplane. Everyone screamed. Laura was scared. She looked at her mum. ‘I told her at the beginning,’ thought Laura. ‘But she didn’t listen to me.’ Laura was crying the whole way. The pilots were sweating. The captain said, “We have a problem. We have run out of fuel. Now, everyone relax. Do not panic.”
They were 500 feet from the sea, but all the pilots were tired from pulling the steering wheel as hard as they could .The plane was tipping upside down. Some people weighed 200 kilos and the people who weighed 250 kilos felt like they had put on 200 Kilos more! The plane tipped upside down about five times. Everyone held on to the poles, but their hands got a bit sweaty after a while. Everyone was scared and sweaty. The pilots had no choice but to go on manual. It was finally controlled. They finally arrived in Queensland. Everyone was shocked they couldn’t believe their luck!
After all, Laura had a scary birthday. The first thing she did when she got to Queensland was going to Disneyland, then Dreamworld. She had such a tiring day. When she got to her hotel, she had the best birthday of her life .She stayed in Queensland for eight weeks.
After eight weeks, she went home. She was excited. She had taken lots of pictures. She wanted to go there every year. She went to different countries. It was fun!

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