Fake Beauty Or Real Beauty

Have you ever looked for a person with a kind heart instead of looking at the fake beauty on the outside? Well Blake Peterson just looked on the outside. He was captain of the soccer team; he had golden blond hair and eyes as deep blue as the sea. All the girls at Thomas brook high liked him.
Now on the first day of term 1 a girl named Kirsten Thornly had come to Thomas brook high for the first time. She was not that pretty, her nose was big and she had frizzy ebony hair, but there was one thing about her that looked beautiful, it was her eyes they were a dark hazelnut brown around the edge but towards the centre it became sky blue, they were the most unique eyes in the whole world.
Kirsten was a shy girl and didn’t make many friends. Everybody teased her and told her she was good for nothing. Usually you get people like Kirsten who are smart but Kirsten was not very smart at all, but on the bright side she passed every subject.
Kirsten was on her way to first period when she saw Blake. He was by his locker getting his stuff, when he saw her he straight away called her a word that I don’t want to mention. Kirsten thought she was going to cry, but she kept her head up and walked straight to class.
The first day was torture for Kirsten, everywhere she went kids teased her about being a nobody. She wished she could just disappear.
Now Blake was hanging around with a couple of really hot girls one morning before school. These were the girls with an ugly heart on the inside but with a whole lot of fake beauty on the outside. Kirsten (who was by herself) came along the hall just casually walking to class, and one of the girls stuck out her foot and Kirsten tripped, they started laughing at her, but she wasn’t going to cry now she had had enough of being teased and bullied, she felt a sudden blast of anger burst through her and she stood up and she punched the girl that had tripped her so hard that she passed out. Kirsten had just realised what she had done and immediately felt sorry for it, you see Kirsten was a Christian and she knew it was wrong to get angry and aggressive. A teacher ran up and asked what happened.
The girl’s friends said that Kirsten had just straight out punched her, which was a terrible lie. But the teacher believed it because no one was sticking up for Kirsten, but then out of the blue Blake of all people said Kirsten had been bullied. He now knew that Kirsten had so much beauty on the inside and he has finally seen that. He looked into her eyes and smiled.
In the end Kirsten and Blake became great friends, and I’m pretty sure that soon they would be more than friends.
So if you’re looking for someone just remember don’t look on the outside for the fake beauty, but look on the inside where the true beauty lies.