Safe Place

Every day the same thing, over and over again never breaking from routine, lives, stories flash past all heading the same way I push through them heading to my safe place. A room darkened by age and filled with the thoughts of those past. Silence fills the room with an air of the forbidden. Thousands of items piled on top of each other fighting to grab my attention, praying to be useful once more. Most are covered in dust and are long forgotten, some wear the blood satins of previous owners lives. When I go these items that bring me so much freedom and joy will be lost forever and these items take on a life of their own and try to get out of the safe room into the world so that they may live in another place where they cannot be lost. I know as I peer into the darkest places of this room that I cannot let that happen, my life will be about their perseveration. Maybe I can bring some light into this room, the scares on the walls show of the failure of many others trying do the same. I know the road ahead is a long one with little light but at least I will not want for company as this road is crowded by many; I see many on the side who have given up or died trying to make others to join them. Almost all I see will have the same fate they will never reach the end very few ever do, I must trust I will be one of them.

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