I stared at the girl in front of me. She was my best friend. Her eyes glinted with hidden melancholy as I begin to cry. My body finally gives way as I feel the searing pain. She broke my heart. I look up to her and she gives a weak laugh, "You know Tori, you thought you had such a good friend but you knew I wasn’t to be trusted. Now look where it's got you; hurt and crying." I gritted my teeth together, not wanting to say anything. She stared into my eyes, “Do you need to tell me anything else?” My eyes glanced to the ground but she squatted down in front of me and cupped my face with her hands. “Look at me Tori.” I had no other choice as her face was only a few inches away from mine. I opened my mouth slightly, “...I love you, Leia.” That’s right, I love a girl. Not a boy like I should, but my best friend.

From the start I had a weird feeling about her. She saw me crying one day after a boy embarrassed me. She gave me a hand and pulled me up. Her eyes had a mysterious feel to them and I was immediately drawn in. After that I always asked to be her partner for class projects. She didn’t look bothered by me so I was happy. After that I felt love for her. Not friend love, but real love.

One day, after another boy made me angry, I didn’t cry. Instead I held it in and put on a smile. I was sure Leia could tell I was lying. After class she took my hand, looked at me and said a single sentence, “You can cry now.” I glanced at her and I finally felt the tears fall. She didn’t watch me like normal, instead she pulled me into a hug. I’d never gotten a single sign of affection from her and now... I calmed down and I looked up to her. “Leia...” Her head tilted and I kissed her. For a single moment I thought she kissed me back, but then she pushed me down and ran. Gasps were heard from around me and I saw the boys smirk and laugh. The girls looked at me with disgusted expressions. I ran. Then it came to what’s happening now.

“Tori, I need to tell you something.” My vision blurred back to Leia. What did she have to say; that she hates me and that she wants to break our friendsh-my thoughts are interrupted by something covering my mouth. Leia is...KISSING ME? We break apart, “...Tori, you should have told me sooner.” My tears begin to run, this is a dream, surely. “Tori, don’t stop crying...” I hug her with all my might, burying myself into her arms.

That next day we walked together hand in hand, not bothering who looked at us. I’m so happy I could cry...


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