Taken Away

"Marlon stop it." I giggled as he started to kiss my neck and nibble against my ear slowly.
"How about no." he smiled and continued as the car stopped at a red light.
"Marlonnn." I stretched the word giggling slightly. As the lights turned green without us noticing, a car horn beeped at us making Marlon cringe and start driving again.
"Okay. No rush." We had just come back from our date at his friends restaurant. It was perfect, beside the beach, candle lit, romantic, just perfect. I can't even explain how much I love him. As we continued driving, Marlon wouldn't stop looking over at me.
"Babe, keep your eyes on the road!" I demanded smiling.
"You're so cute when your demanding." he smirked at me as my face heated up. We kept driving along the main road till I saw bright yellow lights heading towards us.
"MARLON!" I screamed pointing towards the front of the car. He looked and tried swerving the car. I felt the car smash and my body throw itself around. My head hit the side and my body shook to the side of the car as I felt bruises all around me. My eyes opened and the sound of somebody's voice shaking my hand.
"MISS!!" a little boy shook my hand awakening me. I looked down at him as he asked if I was alright. I sat up in my car seat and saw Marlon's car smashed up against somebody elses.
"Miss, are you okay?" the man asked. I nodded and looked over at Marlon slowly. My eyes widened as I touched his face.
"Marlon? Marlon?!" I screamed. "MARLONNN WAKE UP!!!! MARLONNNNN!!!" I cried as the man pulled me out of the car. "MARLLLOOONNNN!!" tears slid down my face as the little boy Tom tried comforting me.
"Miss. It's going to be okay." he said holding my arms as he hugged me. I cried looking over his shoulder at the man pulling Marlon out of the car. I hugged the boy tighter. "Thank you." I said to him faking a smile. He only looked 8 years old but was so brave.
"Dad! Is he okay?" Tom ran over to him. I got back on my feet taking off my muddy shoes from the muddy ground.
"He's gonna be okay buddy." the man laid Marlon's body onto the ambulance medical bed as they took him into the ambulance.
"Good news, you're both lucky you survived. Bad news, he's in a induced coma."
"W-what?" I tried my hardest to hold my tears in.
"I'm sorry." the man hugged me trying to comfort me.
"Thank you." I cried onto his shoulder.
"Excuse me miss. We need to talk a few questions." a police officer came over to me.
"I'll see you soon." the man said walking back over to Tom. I gave a small smile of thankfulness. The police officer and I stood on the road as she kept asking me questions and writing my response down. My heart was racing with every word I said. Everything happened so fast and my heart was breaking knowing that I wouldn't be hearing Marlon's voice for a long time.


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