Mayas Little Joe

He was running away like a little child from bullies well he was a little child running away from bullies. I fell in love with him he was small cute and helpless. Even though I was only sixteen I wanted to be his mum. I ran towards him and asked him were his parents were his exact words were “my mummy and daddy are not here me no know where they are people tell me there in heaven because of me I don’t know where heaven is it a country?”And he tilted his head I just smiled and took his hand and walked to my house. I knew he was an orphan just like me. I knew what he had faced and what he had to face. When he came to my place he gaped in awe because I owned the biggest house in all of Victoria. My maids took measurements and made him a bath so when I saw him at dinner I knew he was the cutest kid ever with cute clothes. I told him I had a big factory and was really rich and he would live with me. I knew I would have to go and sign the papers and be so much time wasted but I knew it was worth it he was one less child in the orphanage. The next day I took him to my big factory and showed him around Victoria chocolates he asked me if my name was Victoria but I explained it was made in Victoria so I called it Victoria chocolates but I was Maya and he shyly said “I has no name” I then named him Joe I taught him to speak proper English and I don’t mean English English but Australian English he is now a well taught child he loves chocolates and a really big fan of spuds like me it was like I was his older sister and we spend every day together then one day I got cancer and was in and out of hospital and told myself I would pull through he was still only seven so we had been together three years when I met him at age four I after my 19th chemo I finally beat cancer return home with him sitting at the front door shivering waiting for me I took him inside and dried him of he was in the rain for four hours and caught a cold and he could not sleep and I would not leave his side and he stayed together but his cold was so severe that after ten days he died and I named a chocolate after him it was sweet and just the way he liked it. I never forgot him and set up another orphanage in his honor and raised those kids myself.