A Beggar And A Lost Hope

I watched him. In all my years I had never seen something so wonderful come into my life. My clothes became his, and my security went as high as the sun. He grew strong, yet so delicate. Like a tree, old but beautiful. Everything changed on that day. That day when he came into my life. He became my new hope.

I had awoken one morning, with the east sun warming up my face. Through all the rattling trains and the early workers, a small and adorable sound came to my attention. Wrapped in a small,blue blanket that only covered his stomach and bare chest, was a young boy. Someone had given my the responsibility of bringing up a boy. On my own. I was in poverty, on the streets living in a cold-hearted world. Out of all the people, this person had chosen me...

His birthday is today. This very day, I'd found him 10 years ago. I woke early morning to find some food in a trash bin, only to find a half eaten apple, and some biscuts floating around the rest of the garbage. Having taken the food, I made my way back to my boy. Only to soon discover that he was nowhere to be found. My boy had be kidnapped or had just walked away. I could think of nothing. Emptiness... Sorrow... The feeling of losing my hope...

I decided that day, that moment, that second. I was going to find that boy.

I was going on a search, to find my lost hope.


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