The endless void of darkness swirls far below,
swaths of mist lapping the edge.
Bare feet on cold timber.
Toes curled tightly over the edge-
the primal instinct to preserve my life
taking over the desperate urge to jump,
to throw myself into the bottomless abyss.
Breathe deep,
Don’t choke.
Internal war raging within
To end the pain or continue living
The sides fight endlessly
My mind locked in unwavering combat.
Ragged breaths of mist join the breeze
It draws me in, beckoning with its inviting voice,
whistling around the leaves,
caressing my tear sodden cheeks
Fragments of memories and voices flash through my head
The stars shine sharply, guiding me
I sigh, clarity returning
I turn, to step back onto the bridge
To the warm embrace of safety
Weather-worn rail creaking
Moist moss slipping between my toes
I sway, a gasp escaping my lips
And suddenly
I am falling and falling
The decision finally made
The war come to an end
My last sight. The stars.
Reflected in the waning light
Of my glassy eyes