Last Day

“Hello. Yes, yes of course I'm still going. No, of course not. Ha ha. Okay! i'll see you at 8.” Jess hangs up the phone and picks up her bright cherry red lipstick and does a second layer on her lips making the first layer darker and more feminine. Looking at her mirror she smiles to herself as this was the night. The last night of freedom before going back to university for another semester of boring lectures and pointless powerpoints that were replayed over and over every lesson. As Jess runs down the stairs to reach the front door her parents approach her so quickly she surrenders and stops. “May I ask where you are going? Tomorrow you start uni and I think it would be best if you go upstairs and have a early sleep.” Jess' father demands, as her mother shockingly stares at Jess' mini, tight black leather dress which she refused Jess to buy on her 18th birthday 2 months ago.
“OH MY...” Jess yells out while rudely rolling her eyes.
“STOP!” Jess' mother angrily interrupting her. “Don't you dare use the Lord's name in vain.” “Mum...and dad. I'm not a child, I'm 19. Can't I just go out for once,” Jess snaps back.
“Yeah, the last time Chris said that he died” Jess' older brother, Joe, comments while he walks in the hall way holding a sandwich.
“Yeah, cause your mates are crazy and don't know how to control themselves,” Jess snaps rudely.
“Go to your room and get plenty of sleep, you're not going anywhere” Jess' father says as he locks the front door.

Jess is frustrated, walking back and forth in her room. She picks up her mobile and looks at the time, forty-nine past seven. Jess then hears a car horn and she rushes to the window seeing her two friends in a roof less car. Beep! Beep! The horn loudly calls Jess. Confusedly Jess opens the window and jumps on the balcony. She then climbs down the balcony and holds onto the railing, swinging her feet, she throws herself into her mother's sunflower garden. Escaping with only a scratch on her knee, Jess bolts to the car and without explaining what just happened she jumps in and away she went.

Arriving at the party, Jess was getting second thoughts about going inside the home of a total stranger. Nervously, she asks her friend Kim, “are you sure I'm allowed to join? I don't know the people and I've never met them before.”
Kim turns her head and grins at Jess, “don't worry, they won't notice you're even there.”
Jess gets out of the car and walks behind her friends on the path going towards the front door. The music was so loud it was like the floor was shaking with fear. Kim reaches to press the door bell, but then changes the direction and just turns the door handle which was unlocked. She widely opens the door and Jess' mouth drops as she witnesses such wildly, noisy and crazy men aged in their early twenties, attacking each other as if they were fighting for the last drop of water in the world.
“She's mine” one said, “Until now” the other roared. The other guest were cheering them on as they throw punches at each other, until one falls to the ground with a bleeding nose. Kim then grabs Jess' arm and drags her to the kitchen, where she offered her some water to calm her nerves down.
“I'll be back just wait for me here and don't worry about those two animals, the fight is over!” Kim screams to Jess. For twenty minutes, Jess is by herself sitting on the kitchen bench of a total stranger's home, hoping for Kim to return to take her home.

“Um, hello. Are you here alone?” says a soft manly voice. Jess turns to see a very attractive and bulk young man standing beside her. Jess blushes and answers in her unrealistic girlie voice. “No I'm with my friend whom I'm waiting to take me home.” The young man leans closer to Jess. “Why? The party just started.” Jess notices that his eyes were filled with fatigue but she convinced herself that it was lack of sleep. He offers her a ride home and desperately without thinking she accepts.

He leads her out of the house and into his car which didn't even have a registration. “Are you sure you know the way to Parker street?” Jess asks hoping for a 'no' to use as a excuse to back out at the last minute. She gets in the stranger's car and it takes off with a burn out. Jess holds onto the set belt with her life, not knowing that it was all she had. The car speeds through red lights and ignores all the stop signs. Jess yells to the stranger to slow down. He laughs and speeds faster not knowing that a two tonne cement truck was heading towards Jess' door side.
Within three minutes the road was filled with police trying to investigate how a truck came to hit a car, killing two young people.

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