I Died

I died...
It was on the 9th on May, I had an important meeting with the boss and we were going to put our biggest ever proposal into action. This proposal could finally beat the Kian Family and I’ve been working on it for months! We’ve been fighting neck to neck in our families for years, and this year in the annual movie making production competition of 2012, a competition that attracts the best of the best companies from all over the world, we have to win.
A faint, constant, irritating noise broke my dreamless sleep. I patted the top of the desk drawers, found the alarm clock and pressed the button on the top of it. Instantly, the beeping sound stopped. Forcing my eyelids to open, I saw the bright, white sunlight seeping through the curtain gaps, glowing the dark room with its magnificent, shining rays.
Why I am thinking so much about the light? I stared at the clock, focusing on the hands...
I quickly got dressed and hurried down the stairs. I stuffed a piece of toast in my mouth and scrambled into my gleaming, white car. High speed reverse and driving, I barely passed all the traffic lights without stopping.
I was nearly there, I could already see the tall building with our red symbol and...
Suddenly, a purple car kept going on the other side, not stopping for their traffic lights, and...BAM!!!
My car flung in a wild arc, flipping as it went. I could feel the side dented. My leg went numb. My right hand was bleeding, warm, red blood tricked down the side and my head felt dizzy.
I realized that my car was flipped on the side. People were getting out of their cars, crowding around my car, getting a closer look. Police sirens screamed inside my head.
“The oil is leaking!” somebody yelled. His face looked horrified.
Then I remembered, the proposal was in my handbag and I threw it quickly on the street, hoping my boss would see it in time and put it into action...
Before I knew it, the car went KA-BOOM! and was suddenly engulfed in bright, hot flames, the colour of the sunlight this morning. My body ripped in pain, the skin tissues burning fiercely against my mind, body and soul.
I screamed out loud. I hoped the pain would lessen.
Immediately after I’d thought that, as quick as it came, the pain disappeared leaving me feeling strangely cold. My mind was clear and I discovered I could move my fingers. I felt that nothing could stop me and all I wanted to do was to get out of this awkward position, retrieve the proposal and run to the boss, hoping it wouldn’t be too late. I went to open the door and found that I couldn’t. I couldn’t feel or touch it. My hand just passed straight though.
Then I realized that I had died, and I was dead.