A Blind Miracle

“Hayley, what’s wrong?” I heard my mum call from the living room. “Everyone at school is teasing me for being blind!” I shouted from where I thought was in the bathroom but was actually the closet. “I wish we hadn’t moved! I was happy at Finnchester.” I said. “I at least had a friend there.” I whispered to myself. “Hayley, why are you in the closet?” Mum said as she walked in the room. “I’m not in the closet mum... I’m in the bathroom.” "Hayley... I know this is hard for you and I'm sorry that we had to move, but mummy got a job here in Sydney and I've already accepted it, so I can't back out now." "But daddy?" I replied. "Why didn't he come?" Suddenly mummy was silent. "Hayley..." Mum said to me. "Daddy can't come... you know that. You know you can't bring him back to life." There was an even longer silence between us. "Dad isn't dead! Don't tell me that!" I screamed before running into my bedroom door. "I wish I wasn't blind!" I screamed as I curled up into a ball. Tears were running down my face as I heard my mother's words pounding in my head. "Hayley?" I heard her say. "Mum, please just drive me to school. I'd rather be bullied than at home with you." Mum was shocked. I could tell by her voice when she eventually replied. "Okay... let's go Hayley." I tried to find my bag when I heard my mum say that she had it with her. I rubbed my hands against the wall, trying to figure my way around the new house. "Mum, can I please have some help... I can't find my way to the front door." "Sure, honey." I heard my mum reply. I felt her smooth skin rub against my arms as she led the way to the car. "Thanks mum..." I whispered. "Your welcome." Mum replied with a sweet tone in her voice. She opened the car door and I felt my way into the car. "Do you want me to do up your seatbelt?" mum asked me when I had sat down. "No....." I replied whilst trying to do up the buckle. "Wait, yes please..." I eventually said. No one talked while mum drove me to school... I guess we both didn't know what to say and then I thought of something. "What did dad look like?" I asked suddenly. "Well, how about I tell you all about him today when I pick you up from school." She replied. I guess she didn't know what to say to me, especially because I din't know what some colours looked like. I guess that's understandable, I did become blind when I was seven and have been blind for five years now. "Well, here we are." She said as I felt the car begin to slow down. I felt around for my buckle. When I eventually found it I undid it and opened the car door. "Hello!" I heard a friendly voice say. I didn't reply because I didn't think they were talking to me." "Hayley?" I heard them say. "Yes?" I replied. "Who are you?" "I'm Rachelle." The voice said. "I heard you were blind and I thought you might need someone to lead you around the school." I was shocked. "You want to help me?" I asked stunned. "Yes, I do!" She said whilst helping me get out of the car. "Mum!" I screamed! "What's that!" "What honey?" I turned to mum. "Colour! Mum..... I can see you! I CAN SEE YOU!"


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