Machinery Malfunction

I walked into the lab with my hands jittering. If I impressed the Professor then I would be able to pursue my passion for the rest of my life. Nobody else knows how much I want this – not even mum!
My obsession with robots all started when I was five years old. That was when I first made a fake robot. Ever since then I just enjoyed the company of fake robots more and more.
My thoughts were interrupted by a strong voice. It said, “My name is Professor.” “Hi Professor,” managed to slip out of m lips. As the Professor chatted incessantly about his magnificent work, I couldn’t take my eye off the figure in the corner of the room. It was a life size robot just staring at me with his beady eyes. “I see you noticed the Robotic101! Isn’t it a beauty?” exclaimed the Professor. The only thing left to do is to program her. Would you like to try?”

I tapped the buttons as the butterflies in my tummy consumed me the way I consume mud cakes. All of a sudden the robotic101’s beady eyes flashed pink, before turning orange and finally red. There was something wrong, I just knew it! My intuition was confirmed when the robot’s arms stretched out, next the legs until the robotic101 disappeared completely.
Words could not describe what I was feeling! Mixed emotions overwhelmed then crushed me. . Mainly I felt guilty because I knew it was my fault. I had programmed the robotic101 incorrectly. Before I could think and figure out what to do the professor bellowed, “What are we going to do now? All hope is lost!”

I decided to protect the professor with a jolt. He was old and frail and I was young and strong (if I don’t say so myself). Besides I got him into this mess and I had to get him out. I told the professor with a fake tone of confidence in my voice. “I am impressed!” He pronounced, “You admitted to the crime even though you were afraid of the time.” I eventually cut off his spiel short, as we had to focus on the life threatening danger looming ominously above us. The robotic101 was literally looming over me. Somehow the professor had not realised how dangerous the robot was. I asked the elderly man if there was any way to cut off the robotic101’s life support.

He said with absolute certainty the only way to destroy the robotic101 was with a hard punch to the stomach. But how? A metallic claw grabbed me and I started to rise. This was my chance! I reached out my arm and clenched my fist and said a silent prayer in my head.

I landed with a hard thud on the floor and an overwhelming sense of victory. “I did it!” I yelled not caring who heard or how arrogant I sounded.

The only thought in my mind that broke this amazing moment was “I guess I didn’t get the job then!” and I stifled the urge to laugh!!!