Dale Thomas

Born in 1987, June twenty first. Popping out of mum’s tummy with a burst.
As a kid I loved the game and knew I wanted to seek fame.
My life is great. My life is nice. Playing AFL with Collingwood adds some spice.
Debuted in round one 2006. I gathered 16 possessions and 2 goals I kicked.
Anzac day the match against the Dons. I took an absolute screamer and the game was on.
Later on in the game I was searching for glory and fame. I gathered the ball at the fifty meter mark and kicked the ball with a spark. Through it went between the sticks. I couldn’t believe my fancy tricks. I really thought I was in heaven shocking the bombers and Kevin.
2007. This year’s been like heaven. Round 12 the match against the Swans. I kicked four goals and was on a roll.
Round 14 against the Saints. I kicked 2 goals wasn’t that great.
As my career starts to unfold. Their will be a story to be told!!!