Oh My Love

My love for you is as great as the millions of grains of sand on the beach
It is never ending and never weak.
You’re like a beautifully polished sea shell that has just washed up on the shore
Quietly waiting until we can speak.

Oh my love how you have made my life complete
I am free at last like a dolphin gliding through the sea.
You are as beautiful as a crystal clear wave crashing on the shore,
Oh my love how you have fulfilled me.

You have created a flaming fire within my soul
Pleasant and warm like soft silky sand.
We shall be in love for ever and always
As if it was meant to be our destiny, already planned.

I would travel as far as the ocean reaches,
I shall always be with you and always we will be.
Unseparated like an oyster in the sea
My love just you and I, just you and me.