A Bin In My Bag

A Bin in My Bag

I don’t know why but there has been an awful smell since the start of the school holidays. Now it is the last day of the school holidays and I still don’t know what it is.
“Dale make sure your school bag is ready for tomorrow,” my mum shouted.
As I was walking closer and closer to my school bag the smell got stronger. I couldn’t stand it! Finally I saw my school bag and I was about to faint.

When I was opening the zip of my bag the smell got stronger. Finally I saw the cause of the offending smell. I saw old books, unfinished work with sticky a liquid on it. It was stickier than super glue! There was hidden behaviour sheets with soda spilt all over them. I felt like I was in a garbage bin! But wait, I smelt more. Of course my lunch box! Oh great my lunch box.

I started to open my “death box” and I was afraid of what I would find in there. I opened my lunch box and it was worse than I thought! I saw more behaviour sheets with juice spilt all over them. There were apples softer than a marshmallow, sandwiches with maggots crawling in and out of them and a banana as black as the night.

There was much more in my school bag that I can’t even describe in words! I quickly ran to the nearest laundry and I chucked my bag in the washing machine with everything still in my bag. After the cycle was finished, my bag was very clean. I felt much better, but then I looked in the washing machine and it looked just like my horrible bag.
“Oh Boy. This is even worse. How am I supposed to put a washing machine inside another washing machine? My mum is going to kill me!” I sighed.

By Dale


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