Glen's Diary

Glen Cater lived in the country side in Victoria with his wife and two children. He was a surgeon at his town’s hospital, and he was regarded as one of the finest surgeons in the state. 1912 when war broke out he was conscripted as a surgeon aboard the HMAS HOPE.
Glen looked over the stern of the HOPE to the land of Gallipoli. At the moment all was silent, a rare thing in these times. Glen yearned for it to continue, at least for a while. Unfortunately as Glen knew would eventually happen, his head Nurse Jane Sanchez opened the door behind him and alerted him that more wounded soldiers were being taken aboard and they required his care. With a sigh and a heavy conscience he followed Nurse Sanchez to the medical bay. As glen saw the wounded he shuddered, thinking of what they had been through. Glen looked to Jane and said.
‘Find the man who is in the most need of care and prep him for surgery.’
Glen looked to Jane to see if she had understood, she quickly nodded then hurried between the ranks of men, checking the severity of their wounds. Jane Sanchez is the only other medical personnel besides Dr Glen. She is from Mexico and is 27 years old. Glen watched her inspecting the soldiers and thought to himself that she is one of the bravest people that he knows, volunteering for a job like this. Glen turned and went to his desk, seeming to write notes but actually writing in his diary.
“I had a brief moment of respite today, it gave me time to think about my family, who I have missed every day since I left.”
Just as he finished writing Nurse Sanchez appeared behind him
‘Doctor Glen, one of the men has been shot in the left arm, and it has got infected, we may have to amputate his arm.’
Twelve hours later, after Dr Glen and Nurse Sanchez had dealt with the seven injured men, Glen went back to his quarters, changed his clothes which were bloodied from the men he had operated on, then laid on his bed. Glen slept fitfully for about an hour before Nurse Sanchez reluctantly woke him. Her shift was over, and he had to take his turn. Glen went to his office in the medical bay and wrote in his diary.
“When this war ends I will be the happiest man alive. I can’t handle the constant stream of fatally injured men, I want it to end.”
A sudden sound snapped Glen out of his trance, it was the alarm. The HOPE was being attacked.
Glen decided he would write one final entry into his diary, just in case he didn’t make it.
“The HOPE is under attack, to my wife Barbra and my children John & Susan, if I don’t survive I love you all.
Glen’s diary was found by Nurse Sanchez, who delivered it to his family.