Even if life tomorrow did end
I could die happy cause you're my friend.
I don't know if I can take anymore,
You got my heart pounding, it's so sore.
Your love is in my blood,
Your name is in my blood.

Ok,so lets begin at school,
But I know this poems going to get ridiculed.
But who really cares I know im a fool.

Im not so good at math, only level 3
But i know if you get subtracted from me,
That we couldn't be 'we'
I just don't know what i'd be
cause Im in love,cant you see?

Your all I need without you I just wouldn't be me.
I'm not so god with my ABC's
But I'm sure you'll come after me,
and all of this just started in february

Think I'm going to stop now with words that rhyme with E,
cause quite frankly I've got no more in my vocabulary