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A Sense Of Belonging (Short Story)

by Catherine Chan, Grade 5, QLD

Under the moonlit window lay Pearl. Pearl had a very heavy backpack full of struggles and worries and now she just couldn’t take it anymore!! Everyday, all the struggles which were in the bag would jumble together to form an even heavier load. Now, Pearl was thinking of a way to change that but the answer just wouldn’t pop into her mind. She kept thinking about it until she slowly drifted off to sleep.
“What’s in that filthy lunchbox of yours?” sniggered Francesca, the school bully. “Nothing you would be interested in eating,” answered Pearl, in a scared tone. Pearl tried to tug and pull her lunchbox out of Francesca’s grasp but Francesca gave a huge tug and slowly ripped the lunchbox apart, forcing all of the contents to drop out onto the floor. Francesca quickly snatched the food off the floor and ran away sniggering. Pearl walked down the hall feeling lonely, thinking why it had happened to her again. As she walked into English class, a boy sitting in the front stuck out his leg, making Pearl stumble on the floor. Everyone started laughing haughtily at Pearl. By now she was really embarrassed. She wanted to belong here like everyone else did at Mulberry High School. She was determined to change her lifestyle starting from now! SPLAT!! A piece of strawberry gum flung into the air and went straight onto Pearl’s white shirt. What should she do now? Should she stand up for herself? Nah, she would get bullied like never before if she went with that solution. BRRRING!! Pearl stood up and quickly left the classroom.
When she got home her mum was waiting for her on the front doorstep, smiling. “I won two passes to Jamaica! We’re going first thing tomorrow,” Pearl’s mum said in an excited tone. “Good,” thought Pearl, “then I can have a break from all that bullying.”
When Pearl woke up the next morning tired and sleepy, she started to pull her clothes out from the dressing cupboard. She was going to Jamaica!! She would feel really good after this. “Flight 66 flying to Jamaica,” said the desk speaker in the microphone.
“That’s us”, Pearl squealed. When the long journey to Jamaica finally ended, they both got off the plane. They got in a fancy olden day Jamaican taxi and headed off for their hotel.
Pearl plopped straight on the comfy hotel bed. “Can we go to the beach now?” Pearl asked as she sat up on the bed.
“I don’t see why not,” replied Pearl’s mum. As they sat on the white carpet of sand they watched the sun set behind the trees. “This is the best day of my life,” thought Pearl. Then something quite unusual happened, it felt like a part of her head was slowly fading away. After a while Pearl realized it was her horrible memories and struggles that had faded away.
That night, in bed Pearl realized that her life had just got a whole lot better, just by looking at one small positive and beautiful moment. Even better, she shared it with her loved ones.

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