Man In Black Coat

One night in a motel room was a social worker, working with someone and for a living this person mopped a school at night. As they were talking a beeper went off outside the door, as he opened the door a big red axe chopped through the door a man came through and painted the wall a dark, bloody colour and no one has ever walked in the room again… Unless the cleaning lady made the bed and cleaned the sheets. But one evening 3 boys decided to go and look at the room, as they walked to the front door they shined the torches on the dark, bloody red wall, 2 of the boys decided to leave but one brave boy (well he thought until that night) walked in and explored the room after 5 minutes he got bored as all boys do, then he heard a noise, it came from the window, he looked outside and saw a bat. He took one deep breath and said “shoo” and he turned and walked to the front door but as he turned he saw someone in a black coat and shiny, white, pointed teeth, then this strange man asked “how old are you child”? Then he replied “old enough to party” then the strange person said “good”. Out of know where this strange person appeared behind this “brave” boy and bit his neck, he fell to the floor in agony and started twitching uncontrollably, with drool coming from his mouth the strange person had some speed and agility but wasn’t ready for what was about to happen next.

As the strange man stood their licking his lips and hand, drinking the succulent, tasteful and bloody goodness of this teenager he knelt down and said “you have a limited time to live”. As he stood up he said “before I go is there anything you would like to say?” the drooling and twitching teenager tried to say something but couldn’t, he was trying to wipe his mouth but he was twitching too much. As the black coated man just walked out the teenager softly enough for him to hear “I….I….” he took one deep breath before he died and laughed and chuckled “I have aids”. He took one last breath and died. The man looked surprised as he almost transformed into a bat, he jumped off the railing and fell to his death but the strange thing is that he was half bat, half human when he died. People started waking up to see that there was a strange dead creature lying on the road. They went to see what it was but when the sun shone on it, it sparkled and blew up like all vampires do when the sun shines on them.