Machine In The Cyclone

There is Salvine, Colin and Chook; they’re best friends even though Chook’s a dog. He’s named Chook because he always acts like one and whenever he does Salvine and Colin get into the biggest laughing fits! Chook has shaggy, brown hair; magnificent, bright blue eyes and the longest, fattest tongue you’ve ever seen, even though he’s only a ruler high. Salvine also has shaggy, brown hair but much longer than Chook’s. She has green, emerald eyes and partly tanned skin. Colin is Sal’s best friend and together they’ve had the best adventures, especially this one.
22nd of June, Colin and Sal were playing in the grave yard with Chook. The grave yard is about a Kilometre from the house and it’s a pretty harsh track, Suddenly there was a rumble
in the distance and clouds surrounded the area. Then all of a sudden Colin and Salvine spotted something far away past the row of houses. “VORTEX,” Colin and Sal ran for their
lives, but the cyclone suddenly whipped them up in the air.
“AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” Colin, Sal and Chook were being rag dolled in the air, constantly being whip-lashed and beaten up by the flying objects. They were more than 100 feet in the air and surely they weren’t going to survive. Then, the worst thing happened. The three friends had met the eye and started to fall, 100 feet down to the ground. But as they fell the cyclone whipped them up once again.
“What’s this,” Salvine was nearly blinded by a piece of paper that had just crashed into her face. She ripped it off her face and began to read.
‘There is a machine in the cyclone that is controlling it. If you find it and press the big red button you will safely come down to earth, if you don’t you’ll be in the cyclone FOREVER.’
Salvine had never seen anything like it and was pretty stoked and in disbelief of everything she read, but she was determined to get out of the cyclone and find her friends that she just
lost out of her sight. “THERE IT IS,” Sal had spotted a big machine with bits of strange objects attached to it and there the magnificent sight, a big red button just waiting to be pushed by the excited, soon going to be famous, Salvine. She struggled to get to the machine as she was being painfully hit by flying debris. Then with a big OOMPF she managed to reach it and with a sigh of relief, she pushed the red button and hovered back down to earth.
Sal came down to earth and was relieved to see Chook and Colin, She ran to them shouting, “I found this machine that had a button that switched the cyclone off!”
“Oh you’re a legend,” yodelled Colin, “WOOF, WOOF,” went Chook and gave her a big lick on the face.
Next Sal found herself in bed with Chook slobbering all over her.