A Blossomed Storm

A long, long time ago in the amazing world of Japan lived a girl named Mia, a girl who had bravery and the strength of a ninja.

One early morning, Mia got up, her long black hair all tangled in knots. After a minute of brushing her hair, her brother, Akio raced in. “ We have visitors,” he puffed proudly. Mia went straight to the door. And there standing in front of her was her best friend, Lea. She was wearing her best purple kimono and her two pink chopsticks Mia had given her when she last visited. Lea had come all the way from France to visit for the Cherry Blossom Festival. As Mia got ready Lea unpacked. Mia put on her best blue kimono and her two green chopsticks.

When they arrived families were enjoying the beauty of the bright pink blossoms. While they were setting up the picnic the girls went to the pond to admire the coloured fish. When they arrived at the pond the clouds turned as black as mid-night and streaks of lightning zipped across the dark sky then the wind picked up and began to howl. There was a huge gush of wind and a humungous BOOM of thunder and a cloud darker than the sky appeared. There before them was a dragon with a huge leather tail, spines sharper than knives and blood red eyes glowing in the darkness of the clouds. Suddenly there was a mighty lash of its tail and sparks flew across the area around it. Petals were coming from every direction and people were too scared to move. The Dragon spoke in a deeply loud manner, “ if only you fight me the storm I am creating will be gone and I will never return.” “But that is only if you fight me!” he laughed at the girls. Mia and Lea thought about it. Just then Mia put her hand up to fight, then Lea put her hand up too, realizing they had to fighting together. The dragon roared to start the fight. The fight had begun and the dragon swished his tail in many directions so the girls dodged, trying to get to the dragons stomach with the knives they held in each hand. Just as Mia reached the stomach of the dragon Lea got swept of her feet and into the tail of the dragon wrapping around her. Mia screamed and cut through the Dragons tail and then stabbed as hard as she could many, many times. The Dragon dropped and the tail came down with it. Lea was free and the dragon was dead. There was a roar from the crowd, but not a roar of anger, a roar of happiness and the Festival was safe.

That night the two best friends had sushi. There was not even a whisper as the girls ate their meal to re-energise.
The end


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