Nally The Star

Nally the star.
One day there was a very nice little girl and her name was Nally. She only had one arm so no one liked her. Nally only had two friends, one friend lived far away and her name was Tilly and her other friend was her dog Bruce. Most days at school Nally got bullied by three girls and their names were Billy, Casy and Sally. Billy thought she was the best. Billy and Nally were the same age, ten.
At school one day Nally was putting her bag in the locker, while looking at her favourite photo of her best friend Tilly, when suddenly out of nowhere Billy and all her friends came yelling at her. Billy grabbed Nally’s favourite photo out of her locker and ripped the photo into pieces. Nally grabbed her books, slammed her locker and ran to class. She had to keep stopping on the way because she kept dropping her books. Billy was laughing at Nally, when a boy came over and bent down to help her. His name was Tim and he said, “Wow it must be hard to carry all those book with one arm”. “Yeah it is and it’s painful with one arm to carry my books” said Nally and they walked to class together. Nally was in the same class as Tim, Billy, Casy and Sally.
Five years later…
Nally was fifteen and was at singing lessons. She was singing “Both of us” by Taylor Swift. When Nally finished her coach Jacky came up to her, “Wow that blew me away.” “I was wondering if you wanted to go on X Factor, it’s free and I will be back stage with you. Your mum and dad get two free front row tickets” explained Jacky. “Yeah for sure count me in”. After singing lesson’s Nally caught the bus home and shared the great news with her Mum & Dad. Nally’s Mum and Dad were rapt with joy and she told them all the details.
Nally was worried that they were going to be late X factor and was scared that she was going to muck up or do something silly like that. “Oh what do I say, what do I do” Nally mumbled. “It’s going to be all right! Don’t worry love, just be confident” said Nally’s dad Joe.
When they got to X Factor, Nally got told she was the second contestants to sing so she put on a nice costume and got ready to perform. Nally’s mum and dad said good bye and went to their seats and then Nally got called up. Nally’s singing blew the judges away, they were amazed. All the judges said “yes”, Nally was so happy and was asked to come back the next week.
Every week the judges said “yes”. Now Nally was in the grand final. The other person in the grand final was Nally’s old bully from school Billy. She did all right but only three judges said “yes”for Billy’s singing. Now it was Nally’s turn. Nally sang a song that she made up about her life. The judges were so blown away with Nally’s performance, they all said “yes” which made her the winner!!! With that, streamers flooded the stage.Now all Billy’s old friend’s are friends with Nally and she also became friends with Billy too because she won X factor. Nally won $250,000 and she was a star from then on.
Ruby Dwyer

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