Land Of Fantasy

As he stepped on to the land, Lucan he knew it was different. He knew that this land’s name was the Land of Fantasy and that there were more surprises here than it appeared at the moment. Lucan had found the Land of Fantasy on an old map and wanted to prove that it was real.

Three days later, he came across a group of knights talking about their quest. “What quest?” asked a puzzled Lucan. “Well,” one of the knights explained, “We’re on a quest to rid this land of Miligant – the Lord of Living Death who is draining our land of life and kills all who oppose him. If you’re interested, you can join us”. “OK”, replied Lucan who enjoyed a challenge.

The next morning they set out on their journey to rid the land of Miligant - the Lord Living Death. Lucan and the band of knights travelled for two weeks and had gone over high mountains, crossed dangerous streams and dark forests. Now they had reached a palace of molten rock that stood on top of one of the Land’s many volcanos. “Well there’s Miligant’s Castle,” said one of the knights who was slightly shaking, “There’s only one way in that the Dark Lord doesn’t know about”. As they walked towards the half-hidden secret entrance to the Miligant’s Castle, Lucan started to sense the evil of this place and how cruel Miligant was. The tunnel was dark and, in Lucan’s opinion, very creepy, but they were now getting closer to the end of the tunnel and it would soon be over.

Inside the castle was oddly pretty; with its glowing lava walls and its bright glowing white gem encrusted floor. In the middle of the castle was a throne room surrounded by three hundred guards. “Well it looks like we’re going to have to use Plan B, which is to throw bottles of sleeping gas at them,” said a worried knight. Once all the guards were fast asleep, Lucan and the knights crept in to the throne room where the Dark Lord was sitting on his glimmering gem incrusted throne. “Well, well what do we have here - some knights and a man from another island?” said Miligant while hurling a lightning bolt at all the knights. This rendered them unconscious but had no effect on Lucan. “So it appears it’s just you and me stranger!” said Miligant. “My name is Lucan!” said Lucan, picking up one of the swords that belonged to the knights. It was a golden sword and, as he held it up, a look of terror appeared on the Dark Lord’s face, “That sword…” The sword belonged to the true heir of the throne and was the weapon he most feared. Miligant started firing blue energy at Lucan. Strangely every blue bolt was absorbed by the sword in Lucan’s hands and, with each blast, the sword got brighter. As soon as the sword turned white, Miligant’s face became even more terrified. Using his magic, Miligant then destroyed the wall of his throne room which turned into a boiling stream of lava. Laughing, he said, “So you think you can beat me: the Dark Lord of these lands; the most powerful sorcerer on earth!” “Well,” Lucan replied, “Where I come from, giving up is the last resort”. As he said that, Lucan held the sword in both hands and a beam of white light hit the Dark Lord. He fell to the ground dead.

When the knights woke up they were in one of the clearings outside the castle. They looked at Lucan and, from the look on his face, they realised he had killed the Dark Lord. They journeyed back to the knight’s village, which was the most beautiful place Lucan had ever seen. The village had unique carvings all over it and the best bit was the villagers had built Lucan a new, sleekly-designed boat. That afternoon Lucan set sail for more undiscovered lands, but he never forgot his adventure in the Land of Fantasy.

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