A Bad Night Out

Its a dark stormy night, all of a sudden Emma heard a loud crash. Curious as to what it was she peeked out of her tent. An ancient pasture tree,which the ranger said was over a hundred years old, had been struck by lightening and fallen to the ground.
Emma's friends didn't stir. Em was glad that at least they could sleep through the roaring storm. Emma tried to go to sleep, but like before she just could not sleep through the intolerable din the storm was creating.
What was that? Emma thought as she heard a twig break. Now Emma, who had a naturally curious nature silently crept out of the tent to see what or who had made that noise. She looked around but could see no one. Must hav been an animal, she thought and went back to trying to go to sleep. As she turned around, a man stood in her way. It was too dark to see his face but his knife shone inthe moonlight.
Emma turned and ran. Where she was going, she had no idea. She was just sprinting. Then finally she stopped to catch her breath, she could no longer see the horrifying man, but she couldn't see her tent either. "Where am I?" she thought out loud. Then to her releif she saw the sunrise and recalling what the Ranger had told her, The sun rises over your camp site. Emma jogged towards the sunrise and realised that it had stopped raining.
Emma managed to get back to the tent just before her friends woke up and was glad that this was her last night ever camping.


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