Tap Tap Tap!

On a cold, rainy night, Penelope was in her warm apartment enjoying her book ‘Death on the High Trapeze’. Suddenly, the street went pitch black. Her fridge, freezer, her dryer stopped drying and her computer switched off immediately. She then put her book down and tried to get to sleep. She was about to doze off when she heard Tap! Tap! Tap! A mickle of deep green, purple and black fire breathing goblins with three arms and holding lethal weapons demolished the stained-glass window at ease. All of the goblins were decapitating her head and dissecting her body. When the blood came oozing out, they drunk it. Her organs were fed on. Meanwhile, a whole mob of orange and red aliens came in with more cannibalistic weaponry. Someone saw the goblins and aliens and they called the police. They said to bring mounds of shields. When they came, there ‘mounds’ of shields did nothing at all or what so ever. The goblins went to work on thee policemen. They made mincemeat out of them. When they had nearly wiped out the city, one alien saw a person not dead. They all went to feast on him. They annihilated the window and came through. They executed him, cut his legs and arms off and stabbed his heart. He simply put his arms on, put his head back on, put his legs back on, and took the knife out of his heart. When they ran 3000 volts of electricity through him they realised he was indestructible. The person was a hypnotist so he hypnotised all the goblins and aliens one by one, he dissected them, boiled them in boiling lead and hit them with a sledge hammer 300 times. Then he dissolved them in boiling acid and let the powder go into the wind.