At the start of the year I was a little scared about starting high school, but I soon started to really enjoying it. I found out about this thing called Facebook. Quite a few of my friends had signed up over the holidays. It’s a huge social networking site. It’s got Instant chat, inbox, status and heaps of cool stuff. My friend signed me up for it and came up with a password for me. When I got home I told mum all about it and she said I could have it if Dad said it was okay. So I went and asked Dad and he said it was a great idea and it would improve my technology and social skills. So I went to my room and turned my laptop on and started.
For the next week that’s all I would do! I would be on all afternoon! We would try and sneak on when we were in the computer lab and at lunch time we would get on our phone and get on. That’s all that was on my mind, I don’t know how I got addicted. Monday afternoon I hopped on my laptop and logged into Facebook. I discovered some one hacked my account! I had a heap more friends I didn’t even know! They had posted lies about me on my wall! They had also sent inbox’s to all my friends insulting them! I didn’t know what to do! I rang my friend and I told her what happened immediately! She said I should just change my password, delete all the posts, delete all the friends I didn’t know and tell all my friends I was doing an experiment on how they react. I asked her if I should tell my parents, she said not to because they’ll probably just make me delete my account. I thought about it, and agreed. I asked her what I should change my password to and she came up with a brilliant idea.
The next afternoon my account was hacked again and the same things had happened! I was shocked my password was so complicated! I paced around my room thinking how this could happen? The only people that knew my password were me, my parents and........... my best friend. Was she the one hacking my account? I told my parents and they said I should talk to her at school tomorrow. If she was who was hacking my account I was to change my password and not tell her if it wasn’t the police would be involved.
I confronted her at school tomorrow and asked her if it was her. She admitted and said it was just a little fun. I told her it wasn’t fun and that it was a serious matter. I told her she wasn’t my friend anymore and blocked her on Facebook. My mum talked to her mum about it and now she’s pretty much grounded for life. I never thought some I trusted so much could betray me like that; I guess sometimes you have to learn the hard way.



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