Fairy Tale Land

Once upon a time in Fairy Tale Land there was a young girl named Ebony who loved exploring the unknown. Ebony was an adventerous girl who was only 8 years old. Ebony's mother was the town best baker. Ebony helped out where she could. But one day Ebony's mother said to her "Ebony you work too hard why dont you go out and explore. I know youll love that" Ebony's face lit up. "thanks mum" So off Ebony went. Ebony came across an old bridge which had been made out off wood. Ebony thought it was not safe for her to cross. Ebony decided to swing from a vine to the other side of the river. After that Ebony heard a grunting noise. Then BAM out came a big old mean dragon who breathed fire. Ebony was so scared. But right at the good time a fairy had given Ebony a special sword withpowers in it. Ebony slayed the dragon and ran back home. Ebony's Mum asked her what she did today. Ebony in shock said "I slayed a dragon" Her mum was shocked. Someone must have them because it was all over the news and the fairy police had been trying to capture and kill this dragon for 25 years! Ebony was given the medal of honor and they all lived on adventuring just like Ebony.


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