I Didn't Do My Homework!

On Friday I forgot my homework, so I ran home and it wasn't there! Then I saw Fred, my baby brother, was playing with it and then Patch the dog came in and stole it, and then chewed it!

I looked at the clock and there was only two minutes to go, so I ran back to school and the bell rang and I got into class just in time! My teacher asked us to hand up our homework. I was scared because I didn't have it! I told the teacher what had happened, she said I was lying!

On Monday I got to school early and I have to write 'I must bring back my homework in time' a hundred times on the blackboard, then I did two whole pages in my book of a story. I got a lunch break but I did not have fun.

On Friday the same thing happened with my homework and I wish I didn't have a dog and a baby brother to mess up my homework! I thought about putting my homework under lock so I couldn't lose it again, and mum and dad thought that it was a good idea so I got an ipod for doing all my homework on time.

On Monday I showed my new ipod to everyone and we lived happily ever after.