Lacy And Layla

One day Lacy was on her laptop when she heard her sister Layla crying and Mum and Dad wasn’t there, what is she going to do?.
Lacy didn’t know what to do but she had to stop Layla crying.
“I will take you to the HI5 show if you stop crying” she said just as her Mum and Dad arrived home
The next day Lacy wanted to get a bird. Mum said that I was not allowed to have one because we had too many animals. Dad said that I could have one, he wanted a bird too so the next day we went to get the bird. We ended up with three birds instead, mum was not happy. Layla was so excited to have a bird for herself and not one she had to share with the family. That afternoon Layla was crying, again.
Lacy asked, “Why has she started crying again?” We went back in her room and the bird was not in its cage.
We ask Layla and she said “I was playing with her and she flew away” she didn’t understand why she flew away.
The following day we had to go to dancing practice for our concert. I had to do 5 dance routines and I couldn’t wait to see who was going to be dance captain. I was so hoping it could be me, but I said to myself if I don’t become captain I wouldn’t mind. I tried hard but my sister got it instead, that was ok.
This had been a bad week after all, so I took the day off that took my mind off things.

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