Lance The Lion

2nd in the 'Far Out 2012' competition

One warm day out in the wilderness, a lion called Lance was stalking a deer when suddenly, another lion called Lenny pounced on the deer.
Lance was a bit too late.
The next day when Lance was stalking another deer he saw Lenny stalking the same deer too. So Lance backed away. Lance decided he needed a plan to stop Lenny taking all his deer.
A week later Lance followed Lenny as he was stalking a small deer. Lance set up a trap behind Lenny. He sneakily tied a loop around Lenny's paw. Then when Lenny jumped he got caught in the trap. Lance laughed at Lenny then sprinted off and pounced on Lenny's deer and ate it in front of him.
Lance did not help Lenny out of the trap for many days. Lenny grew very hungry, thirsty and sad.
Meanwhile, Lance became quite lonely not having Lenny around and he realised there were plenty of deer for every lion.
Lance went and said sorry to Lenny and helped him out of the trap.
From that day on they became the best of friends and always hunted together.

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