Oh, I Wish I Kept My Room Clean

The way my room was in the end,
It was scary enough to send
any person running away,
Either dark or a sunny day.

Each time I was told to clean,
I was hardly even keen.
Told I had to pick up scraps,
"To draw!" I thought, instead perhaps.

When I got home one sunny day,
I started to walk to my room to play.
Once I had opened my old, rusty door,
I realised that there was nothing on the floor.

Then mum stormed into my room and said,
"I got rid of everything, including your bed!"
She yelled, "Because your room was such a mess,
You've got no more, you now have less!"

I regret having such a messy room,
Now I sleep outside, next to the broom.
If only my room was nice and neat,
I wouldn't have to sleep outside in the heat.