La Tour De Hamster

I’d been waiting for this moment all my life. Hamster and trainer had worked together to get this far; and here we were at the National Hamster Race finals in France. Fifteen kilometres, seven competitors, only one would come out holding the Golden Food Bowl. La Fuzzington had held the title for 4 years in a row. This year it was my turn.

All around me, hamsters were exercising on the snowy ground while the crowd cheered and yelled. The track would be a brutal one, mountains and rivers - only the toughest would come out in front. Time to put my skills to the test.

Just then a voice came over the microphone. ‘All hamsters to the starting line.’ It crackled.
I scampered to the line as coolly as I could but inside my heart was racing, my big moment had arrived. Hamsters of all different shapes and sizes surrounded me. One big purple hamster scuttled up beside me ‘Don’t you get in front of me punk,’ he growled. I quivered defiantly.
‘On your paws’ said the commentator, ‘get set…Go!’

I leaped towards the front of the pack but ended up in the middle, getting jostled from all sides. We were off. The crowd roared and booed the contestants as we charged past, kicking up flurries of snow. There were about four hamsters between me and the front, with La Fuzzington leading the way.

The first challenge was a large lake reaching as far across as the hamster could see.
Some hamsters began running around the side of the lake, but I didn’t follow; I knew swimming was the only quick way around. So me and three others including La Fuzzington jumped into the ice cold water and began to swim. We surged forwards matching each other, stroke for stroke; but, slowly and surely, one hamster pushed forwards getting closer to La Fuzzington. By the time we’d reached the shore he was a way ahead. Now it was just me and….. ‘Aaaagh! Oh no; it was the purple hamster.’ He grinned evilly at me showing razor sharp fangs, I was so stunned I crashed into a wall of snow; looking up I noticed it was actually a mountain, the mountain we had to climb. There was a path leading all the way up the slope and, wearily I began to climb. Half an hour later [or maybe it was hours,] I reached the other side and found, - to my astonishment La Fuzzington and the finish line only 20 metres away. I was going to make it, but looking up; La Fuzzington saw me and hurriedly resumed his pace. We were neck and neck, the finish, only metres away. Desperately I pumped my legs, only to find myself tripping and falling, taking La Fuzzington with me ‘La what!’ he cried. We lay sprawled on the ground, only to watch the purple hamster scurry past. Beaten; by a purple hamster, what an embarrassing way to lose!

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