I Can Hear Animals Speak

Once upon a time, I woke up and mum and dad were asleep. I had breakfast and then went to school. On the way I saw a puppy. I said "Shoo! Go away!". He did.

At school I learnt a lot. I said I wanted to tell mum and dad so much that I took a short cut. I said to myself "I think I'm lost". Then I saw that same puppy. I thought I heard a voice! I looked around and saw no-one there. I heard it again! He or she said "look down".

I did and it was the dog speaking to me! I thought I was nuts. I said "Are you speaking?" I shivered as he told me not to worry. I thought I had powers. It was so cool! I can't wait! How come I can understand you?

I was walking home and the puppy was following me. I said "What's your name and where is your home?" My name is "Herrely" said the dog.

Me and Herrely went home but I didn't tell mum that I could hear animals speak. I asked her if I could have a puppy and mum said "Maybe" I promised that I would clean my room, make my bed, vacuum the house and clean my teeth. I also promised to buy a bed for Herrely, some toys and take him for lots of walks.

A week later mum agreed and I got to keep Herrely. We got along really well and I taught him some tricks. In the end I told mum that I could speak to and hear animals. Me and Herrely go to the park every week and I am always helping other animals.