Ned The Turtle And His Friend

Ned the turtle was a fast turtle because he always won races. All he would do is swim and catch food because he was always tired and hungry from racing. Suddenly on that lovely Thursday afternoon he fell asleep on the couch and he said to himself asleep.
“Where am I”?
He had been dreaming about an evil clown fish that came past his house and it only ate bad fish. When he woke up he went to see if it was a dream or not so he waited at the door for hours but he had just realised that it was just a dream. After he realised it was a dream he went for a swim and caught some food for dinner then he went to bed.
The next day he went for a swim when suddenly he met an old friend and his name was Alex. Alex was a very friendly turtle and he was just like his friend. When they met they went out and had a race then they had lunch together. After they had lunch Ned asked Alex if he wanted to go on an adventure for a day.
When they got to the place they were heading for, Ned& Alex noticed that the place was called Alice Waters. Ned came from Weed Waters and Alex came from Sandy Waters. When they got to Alice Waters they had a look around then they found a water slide. They had a look around and had a couple of goes on the water slide. When the day was over they went back to Ned’s house. Then they got back. Ned suddenly thought he should move to Alice waters. He mentioned that he wanted to move to Alice Waters. Suddenly Alex thought that he would move to Alice Waters with Ned. Then Alex mentioned to Ned that he wanted to move to Alice Waters with Ned. Alex went back to his house while Ned started to pack. By the time Ned finished packing Alex was just about at Ned’s house. Then Alex got to Ned’s house Ned was just about to swim out the door. Then they left to go and live in Alice Waters.
They lived happily ever after.