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The Gaping Hole In The Wall (Short Story)

by Adriana Ariffin, Grade 6, WA

“I’m home!” I cried to no one in particular, as I shut the front door.
I threw my school bag at the base of the stairs and ran up, skipping three steps at a time. I came to my bedroom door; I opened it and saw…
A mess.
I let out a strangled scream, my room was a pigsty! I don’t mean just little things here and there. I mean over-turned dressers, ripped up books and a little brother sitting in the corner, smiling.
“Mason did bad!” he cried, happily, then paused and said, “Mason found secret door!”
He pointed behind the bookcase, which was pushed out, slightly. I peeked behind it, it wasn’t pushed out enough to see properly, but Mason had amazing eyesight.
So I pushed the bookcase to the side, a huge, gaping hole in the wall. Then-of all the times-Skye, my best friend, decided to walk in.
“Hey, Caitlyn-” she started, coming from behind the door.
She came to a stand-still in the door-frame. She stood, her eyes bulging out, her mouth hanging open.
“Trying to catch flies?”
I turned to see my older brother, Adrian, climbing through the window. He saw the hole in my wall.
And fell out.
Too bad for him, my room was on the second floor. I heard a few grunts, leaves rustling and branches breaking, before a huge thud.
I looked out the window, he held up a hand to signal that he was okay, I was about to pull my head back through when I felt a strong force behind me that pushed me out of the window. I screamed, but unlike Adrian, I didn’t land on the ground. I grabbed onto a branch, swinging myself into the trunk of the large tree, I carefully climbed down, the bark cutting into my hands.
By the time I got down, Adrian was already up on his feet, I got the feeling it wasn’t the first time he’s fallen out of a window.
He looked at me, strangely, “Why-”
He was interrupted by another bloodcurdling scream. I looked up at where to scream came from, panicked.
Skye was flying out of the window.
Adrian jumped straight into action and caught Skye in his arms…
Unfortunately, Skye was a little heavy for Adrian, not to mention the fact of gravity.
So, Skye got a comfy landing and Adrian got knocked down to the ground.
“Oh no!” Skye cried, helping Adrian up by his arm. “Are you okay?”
“I’m good,” he breathed out, standing upright.
Before Mason landed on top of him.
“Ow,” I said, sympathetically.
I helped them both up.
“Mason?” Skye asked. “Why did you throw yourself out of the window?”
“I didn’t!” he whined. “Someone pushed me!”
“Wait…” I said. “If it wasn’t me, Adrian, Skye or Mason…then who was it?”
“Maybe it’s not a ‘who’…” Skye said, frightfully, looking up at the window. “Maybe it’s a ‘what’…”
We all looked up at the window.
And all screamed loudly…

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