Halloween Night

It was Halloween night and the ghost said an I will haunt you for ever …..”BOO!! AAA!!!! Stop it” yelled Mia “that wasn’t even scary’ said Naomi this is boring. “Ok do you want to be scared” “ok” I dare you to go in the haunted house!!!! Ok said Naomi. Naomi slowly opened the big door it made a horrible sound Naomi went in looking board she looked around all she saw was old hardly white sheets on everything “ok what now”? ‘Ok someone said that a ghost lived in there and she has a ring in a box in her room find it and bring it to me” said jack with a grin “ok” said Naomi jack’s jaw dropped …. BAM the door shut…
Boring!! There is nothing to do…I just have to find that silly old ring said Naomi whispering ….. she looked up and down around corner’s but she could not find the room or ring she looked no the wall and jumped there was a painting of a girl and she hade black long lovely hair and big blue eyes but what scared her was on the panting was big letter’s in red blood saying HELP ME OR GETT OUT! She started to get butter fly’s then as soon as the read it the lights went OUT she ran as fast as she could but didn’t know where she was going she found a door hoping it was the way out butt it wasn’t. She hid in there and tort about what it said Help me or get out…help me??????? BOOM BOOM Naomi was defiantly scared now then she heard it again BOOM BOOM... BOOM she found a candle a matchstick and lit the candle she slowly opened the door and she was in a room in a carded she opened the carded and she saw … someone crying. She was surprised she said “are you ok”?”
No I’m not she snapped how do you think I feel have to stay here all your life”!!! the girl look at Naomi” hay you’re the girl from the painting” “yes I ‘am ““did you write that on the wall?” “Umm yes” “what’s wrong why do you need help?” “Umm because look at me “!! “I don’t know” at that moment the girl from the panting stared to rise. Her long dress dragged up with her feet then her yelled NOW DO YOU KNOW!! And went… Naomi looked around and ran. She ran fast then the girl append again.”. But wait”…..“But wait what”?! “You can help me” “how?” “You can help me find my ring”?!! “ummm ok “ we looked everywhere and filly we fonder it “yes thank you” “It’s ok “ then as the girl started to disappear “WAITE “ “what “ “collude you do something for me ?” ok” see this kid for me “ok” bye “ bye” that night was the best Halloween ever….


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