Lauren And Carly

Once upon a time there were two best friends. One of the girls was Carly and the other was Lauren. They grew up together and they did everything together like play dolls. When they grew up Lauren moved about 30 minutes away but they were still best friends. But after a while Carly moved to New South Wales because her dad had to work over there. When she went Carly gave Lauren this angel worry box. She said “When you are worried grab this box and remember you are still my best friend.” When Carly came over to visit, Lauren always missed her so Lauren wrote her a note saying ‘I miss you when am I going to see you.’ A few months later Lauren got an email address and Carly and Lauren got to speak all the time. Lauren found the angel worry box and she thought of Carly and she missed her all the time and Carly missed Lauren all the time too. Carly rang Lauren and told her all about what she did since the last time she spoke to Lauren and Lauren did too. It was four months until Carly sent an email. She sent a picture of her dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow and sent a message saying 'I wish you were here to see this, it is so funny.'
1 Year Later
Carly and Lauren are 10 years old and they still talk a lot and miss each other too. Lauren sends messages saying, 'I wish you were here having a lot of fun. Are you?'
Carly writes back, 'No, my Grandma is very sick. Please pray for her and I am not going well.'
Lauren writes back, 'I am praying for her now. Why are you not well?'
Carly write back, 'I have got a cold.'
Lauren writes back, 'Okay, I have to go now. Bye.'
2 Weeks Later
Lauren rings Carly and says, “Is you Grandma well now?” Carly says, “Yes she is and I am well too.” Carly says, “I miss you” and Lauren says, “I miss you too.”
1 Year Later
Carly comes back to see Lauren and she says “Remember the old times when we played dolls?” and Lauren says “Yes”. “I want to live here again and see you everyday”. Carly asks her mum if she could live here with all her friends and Carly's mum says “Yes because your father doesn't wasn’t to live there anymore and I miss old times”. And Carly and Lauren were best friends forever.

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