heard the gunshots loud and clear. I huddled closer to Mama; the warmth of her body reassured me although I knew she was frightened as well. Footsteps sounded close by “Probably a solider” whispered Mama “keep quiet and maybe they’ll just pass us” but there was no such luck. “GO!” Mama shouted us the first solider entered the room but Mama shoved me into a nearby closet and shut the door. The soldiers had not seen me. I hid in the dark closet waiting for Mama to open the door of the closet and tell me it was all safe and there was nothing to fear instead I heard a loud BOOM followed by a scream. I waited but nothing happened finally, slowly I opened the closet door and peeked outside but there was no one there. I then climbed out of the closet and then I saw it. It was horrible I couldn’t bear to look but there it was. The truth. It was Mama lying on the floor she was covered in blood there was nothing could do but sob. I lay my head on Mama’s chest sobbing and hoping there was sign that she was still alive. I hated those soldiers I couldn’t believe how heartless they were with my anger I felt sadness and fear mixed.

Then I heard it. It was as if it was a miracle! It was a raspy breath it seemed pained. I looked at Mama her face showed no sign of changing but sure enough there was another raspy breath. I had to get help and fast. “HELP!” I screamed at the top of my lungs but there was no answer no one could hear. I tried everything to get help but still there was no answer. I was going to give up hope. Mama’s breathes seemed to get shorter and shorter becoming shallower. Then I heard footsteps overhead I couldn’t believe it had help finally arrived?

Soldiers entered the room. They pointed their guns at me and Mama I shielded Mama but I did not retreat as I had done before. Then they pulled the trigger and the horrible bullet shot out. It hit close to my chest. I no longer had the strength to sit up and fell to the ground the soldiers jeered and left the room. The pain was unbearable. I screamed for help and I am not sure but I think that I saw Mama put her arm on my chest. Then I fell unconscious.

When I woke up I was still dazed by the earlier events. I looked around, I wasn’t in the small room I was in a hospital and Mama was lying next to me in a different bed. Forgetting all about what had happened I reached out to Mama and pain shot through my whole body. It felt if the soldiers had shot me again. Mama reached out as well and we held hands and we breathed our last breathe together