Palm Beach

Palm Beach

I was walking along the peaceful sands, dented with deep footprints and crooked wave lines. The cool breeze blowing on my bare arms made me shiver. The water lapped over and over in the same boring pattern.
I decided to climb a palm tree and look over the horizon but I just saw water.

I stayed sitting in the bending tree until the night fell like a heavy storm. Then it was like someone annoyed the wind and it took its anger out on me! I suddenly felt scared and worried as the tree I was in tried to throw me into the moist sand. It tossed about furiously and I sat petrified, not knowing what to do.

The wind grew worse. It threw me into the sand and I stood up and glimpsed my house in the distance. My mother was calling. I could hear her faintly. I called back but my words were taken away by the wind. I followed the sound and ended up at home.


NAME: Sophie Goodluck
AGE: 11 years
ADDRESS: 395 Argyle Street, Hobart, Tasmania, 7000
SCHOOL: The Friends’ School, Hobart

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